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Spotafile is a subsidiary of Investmentexcel.com ApS (IE.com) that delivers cheap “ready-to-trade” global investment solutions. Spotafile is an independent and to a large degree an intelligent user driven platform. The philosophy is shared with IE.com. Namely, to deliver knowledge readily, smart and cheap to the global public community.

Spotafile has the ambition to activate hidden and passive world-wide knowledge in the form of files or consultancy in a broader sense. A vast global economic loss of productivity currently sits on the global PC and human hard drives. Only collecting more and more dust.

On the Internet search engines, you will find today a finite amount of free downloadable material. However, this is only the material that publishers or authors would share for free. On the global PC and human hard drives, we find an infinite amount of material, that people have been working on in either the private, academic or business domain. These files will only reach the public at a dollar price.

All this can now be executed on the Spotafile platform, that essentially constitutes the global C:/ drive, with a clear file structure defined by categories and sub categories. On Spotafile you can open files, save files etc. Both Supplier and Demander of files, tools and consultancy have access to an advanced dashboard that tracks all activity. Including monetary activity. Please refer to “How It Works”.

Spotafile is hence an advanced infrastructure and market place, that gives people the opportunity to demand and supply passive files and knowledge.to the private, academic and professional public all knowledge that currently passively sits on people’s human hard drive or IT hard drive. All around world. Exactly that knowledge hidden in consultancy or files directly, that is too precious to be disseminated for free on e.g. Google or YouTube. It could be a sophistically engineered generic model of a bridge or a complex financial model within regulation or investments. But, it could also just be a high-school essay, university master thesis, a sophisticated .HTML code or JavaScripts.

The infrastructure and search algorithms on Spotafile, is designed so that all requests from “Demanders” (Users) on tools or general consultancy within a certain topic, will be responded within maximum 2 hours. Many tools will however be readily available already in the vast library of tools in the Spotafile database. All tools that have been uploaded by the “Suppliers” (Authors).

We have developed customized requests, standard requests and Live Presentation (Skype, Facetime) request. All requests are submitted to our Suppliers that will deliver your inquiry. Suppliers receiving your (demanded) request are all on the Spotafile ”Expert Panel”, which is dynamically identified via a Spotafile algorithm linked to demander satisfaction. The “Reviews” and “Ratings”.

Using Spotafile you as a supplier can monetize your work and skills. As a demander you can find exactly the information and format you require. Right here and now. Our “Expert Panel” is global and ready to assist you in your daily challenges. At work, at school, or in private.

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